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Privacy Policy & Disclaimer Statement

Privacy Policy &
Disclaimer Statement

By visiting our website you are agreeing that you have read, are fully aware of and are in agreement with this entire web page. The following are definitions that apply to our privacy policy and disclaimer statement:

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General Disclaimer Statement

This website is for informational use only and should not be used as medical advice, nor is it intended to be used as such. Statements on this website are given only to help in making the choice to use our office as your general dentist or/and cosmetic dentist and provide our contact information. If you are having a medical emergency you should contact your nearest emergency care center.

General Privacy Statement

We will not sell the name or any personal information of our viewers to any third party. All information gathered from users is only used to conduct our website and our business needs. There are times when certain information is given out to third parties we have a direct, working relationship with because we are required to do so in order to run our business or provide our services. Therefore please do not send us information or data you do not wish others to have access to, whether by e-mail or through the use of electronic forms originating from this website.

Additionally, because our information is stored on a third-party web site server we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% safe at all times. No website can give you a 100% guarantee on that because, when using the internet there is always a certain degree of vulnerability present.

What information we gather

Information is gathered from web site statistic scripts and programs (information about traffic and use of our website), information gathered from sites navigated from to get onto our website, and information sent to us through emails and online forms, scripts, and programs.

Out-bound links

Out-bound links (links to third-party websites) included on this website are provided as information for the use and convenience of site visitors. The appearance of a link on pages within our website does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by us of the third-party, nor should a link to a third-party website be in any way interpreted to imply that the site referenced has any relationship with us. Therefore we are not liable for any damages or harm potentially caused or as a result of third parties we have linked to. Usage of these links is at visitor's own discretion.

Third Party Ads

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Changes to the Disclaimer Statement

Changes to the
Disclaimer Statement

At any time we have the right to make any changes to this document we deem suitable, and at any time. It is strictly the responsibility of the user to keep himself or herself up to date with what may be written in this document at any given time.